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Read the following testimonials about GLORIA MARTEL's SkinLift Light in regards to Lifting & Firming of the skin and Acne Control.


Donna began using the SkinLift Light 40 minutes, 6 days a week, for over a month. She was delighted with how easy it was to get her youthful look back.

"Check out under my eyes... it's smoother! My jaw line has lifted, I know for a fact! My skin feels firmer and my pores have reduced. I am being complemented everywhere... 'Donna. you look 15 years younger!' ...and I feel that now. I tell all that ask me, 'Gloria Martel's SKINLIFT LIGHT is my miracle!' I'm now incorporating the full Martel System — I have started the Face Exerciser and am using the Light on my hand for age spots."
~ Donna


Joyce (age 58) was one of the first to use the Light during the testing period.

"When I first got my SkinLift Light I was expecting a miracle for my face, as I am in continual stress and pain. My progress was slow, due to my lack of consistent use, but little by little my skin is lifting and filling in."
~ Joyce


"I am so happy with my SkinLift Light. It's so easy to use... and the results are amazing. The dark circles under my eyes disappeared after only a few weeks. The fine lines around my mouth are also gone now. Even the scar on my nose that I hated so much is a lot less noticeable.

I see the difference! I feel at least 20 years younger, and I'm getting hit on by younger men. Now I can go out without wearing a lot of makeup. I am FREE!

A little secret... I sometimes lay back in the bathtub and relax as I point the Light in different spots on my face. Believe me I use the light now at least 3 times a week. I wouldn't think of putting it a drawer and forgetting it. It is my new best friend!"
~ Sherry


"It is so easy to use. Gloria, you have brought light into my life! I am now working on my chest area. I have several brown spots caused by age and sun I am letting the Light shine upon them!"
~ Sherry


Heals ingrown hairs and razor burns.
JASON S., 32 years old, used SkinLift Light for 20 minutes a day. Jason said that he is slow to heal, and felt the light lessened his healing time. Normally he said it took 2 weeks for the surface acne and bumps under his skin to dry up.

"Gloria, using your light on my pimples and my ingrown hairs speeded up the drying process. Before, it usually took up to two weeks for them go away, now only a few days. I carry it in my shirt pocket to zap them before they even come to a head."
~ Jason 


Takes the redness out quickly and safe, without side effects.

"The SkinLift Light works! I have found when I didn't use the light, my acne flares. Now I just use the light after I wash my face... every time. Friends know I have used everything on the market and they are asking what Iím using now... I say: SkinLift Light!"
~ Jorge


Changes the texture of your skin and reduces discoloration.
Monique Jackson used SkinLift Light from 15 minutes to 20 minutes daily.

"The texture of my skin has improved so much; it's beginning to feel like velvet. I'm very close to being able to go without my foundation. It's almost unbelievable, the change in my skin. I feel younger now."
~ Monique

Reduces acne scars over time and stops pimples from resurfacing.
About 85 % of teenagers, from about 12 years and upwards, develop acne. Elizabeth, age 16, has severe acne. She uses the light 30 minutes a day twice a day. Her acne redness has diminished.

"I feel better since I began using SkinLift Light. My friends call me 'Light Girl.'  It really works. I carry my light with me everywhere."
~ Elizabeth


Individual results will vary.

About Gloria   Martel System   SkinLift Light   Before & After   Acne Control
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