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 Journal of Longevity
 Cover Story/Celebrity Interview

 Saving Face:
 Cosmetician Gloria Martel shares her secrets to
 youthful radiance and vitality

 When an attractive woman in her 60s looks for all
 the world to be in her early...
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 in Hollywood

 SkinLift Light
 What if beautiful skin was as easy as flipping on
 a light switch?

 Are you ready to look 10 years younger? Space-age
 technology in an affordable package...
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 Gloria Martel: Hands That Chart a Thousand Faces
 What if someone could just look at your face
 and tell you exactly what's going on in your body?

 Gloria's interview with the L.A. Times about how our
 face reflects our overall health...
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 On a personal note...

 Last year John and Gloria eloped to the beach and got
 married. You may remember John Saxon from many of
 the movies and TV shows he has done over his long career.
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